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How to clean to keep your home healthy

Returning from work to a clean house or spending time in a well-groomed and tidy interior is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for mental and physical health. We believe that everyone can develop habits that will help to keep order every day, and not just a couple of days after the spring cleaning. Of course you can offort yourself professional house cleaning services which is perfect, because the best cleaning services have deep cleaning services which will keep your house or apartment clean and healthy. Or if you want to do it once you can call a one time cleaning service. So how to keep home clean without professional cleaning services?

Put things in their place.

The first step is to determine for each thing and group of things its place. For example, we know for sure that cups have a place in the kitchen, and socks – in a dressing room or closet, but where to put books, magazines, glasses, keys, you need to decide on your own. Too many unused or seasonal items? Send them to a special warehouse for storage, and take their place with something more useful and necessary at the moment. Then the habit of returning things after use to the place where you took them from will take root quickly and after that when you want to call a home deep cleaning service they won’t ask you where to put certain items while cleaning.

Sort things before they enter the house.

The less things at home, the easier it is to keep order. Try not to bring unnecessary items home: you can leave the tenth mug donated at work in the same place in the kitchen, do not take leaflets and newspapers home from the mailbox, photograph checks in the store and immediately send them to the trash. And do not duplicate things: if you bought a new iron or blender, immediately get rid of the old one.

Clean every day in a certain room.

Spending a whole day off cleaning is not a good idea. But to allocate 1-1.5 hours every day to restore order in a separate room is quite realistic. Make a schedule: for example, on Monday – the day of cleanliness in the kitchen (wash the facades, the cutlery tray, remove excess from the countertop), Tuesday – tidy up the living room (vacuum the sofa, wipe the dust, disassemble the shelves), Wednesday – in the bathroom and so on.

Remove dirt immediately.

It is much easier to remove a fresh stain than to rub it off in a dried form. The most “dangerous” areas: the hob and oven – it is better to wipe them with a damp cloth after use, not completely cooled down. After turning off the water, pass the faucets with a dry cloth so that there are no traces of water left. The same goes for the shower with glass doors. Leave the washing machine open for a while after washing to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Make the most of your vacuum cleaner.

With the help of different nozzles, you can remove not only debris on the floor, but also dust on bookshelves, on a textile lampshade, heating radiators and sewer pipes, on a windowsill, in the folds of a sofa and chair, on the eaves.

Keep household items close at hand

Make tidying up convenient: so that for quick cleaning in the bathroom, you do not have to go to the hallway, and from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Use the premises for the intended purpose.

Eat only at the dining table in the kitchen or dining room to keep crumbs out of bed, sofa, and other areas. Allocate a place to work and do business only there, do not carry papers, notebooks with pens to the living room, where they can “settle” on all horizontal surfaces.

Brush and wash pets regularly.

It is better for dogs to wash their paws after each walk, otherwise there is a risk that sand and fine earthen dust from paw pads will end up all over the apartment. Haircut, combing should be regular to reduce the amount of hair around the baseboards and furniture.

Pay attention to the little things.

It is important not only to return things to their place, but also to do it as beautifully as possible. Do not just throw a towel on the railing in the bathroom, but straighten the folds, leave not a crumpled blanket and wrinkled pillows on the sofa, but fold the textiles into a pile, and return the pillows to their shape.




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