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People often make these mistakes related to breathing while doing yoga, exercise or meditation, know the right way

Exercise, yoga and meditation are of great importance to keep the body healthy and fit. But practising yoga in the wrong way or practising meditation and meditation can be a deal of loss instead of profit for you. Often people make some mistakes related to breathing while exercising or practising yogasana and meditation which can be heavy on health. Generally, while practising yoga or exercise, your breathing will become fast, but during this the balance of breaths, the way of inhaling and exhaling should be perfect. Following the correct way of breathing, stopping and exhaling gives the right benefits of exercise, yoga and meditation. Let us know about the mistakes related to breathing during yoga, exercise and meditation.

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Breathing mistakes while doing exercise and yoga and meditation:

Breathing is a normal process, it is impossible for a human to survive without breathing. To breathe normally, you do not need much effort or effort, but during yoga or exercise, you get many benefits by controlling the breath and breathing correctly. According to Delhi’s famous yoga guru Mohan, if you make mistakes related to breathing while doing yoga, exercise and meditation, then you cannot get its benefits. No matter how well you are doing yoga or exercise, but when you do not breathe properly, it affects your health adversely. 


1. Yoga

The process of inhaling, holding and exhaling the breath is of great importance while practicing yoga. Inhalation, holding and exhalation of breath are called puraka, kumbhaka and rechak in yoga science. While practicing yogasana, it is necessary to breathe completely with the help of diaphragm. While breathing, keep in mind that when you are breathing during yoga practice, take the breath in equally and keep this in mind while exhaling. Breathing in very rapidly or exhaling suddenly is not considered beneficial for yogasana practice. While practicing yogasana, if you inhale and exhale evenly, it benefits your nervous system, brain and blood pressure. While practicing anyas, vinyasa and difficult exercises, one should take long breaths and exhale completely.


2. Exercise

There are many different types of exercise and they have different benefits for the body. Even while practicing the exercise, the way of breathing should be taken care of. When you are doing heavy exercise, your body burns more calories and spends energy. During this time the demand for oxygen in your body is high. While doing the exercise, one should take deep breath and release the breath out evenly. During the workout, your breathing becomes fast on its own, but during this time the rule of breathing must be kept in mind. When you are breathing in, breathe evenly during each step of the exercise and keep this in mind while exhaling. While exercising, the breath should always be inhaled through the nose. Some people breathe through the mouth instead of the nose during exercise, which has been considered wrong. During the exercise, you should breathe in through the nose and while exhaling you can use the mouth.


3. Meditation

While meditating, when the mind is unsteady, try to observe the process of inhaling and exhaling at that time, this will start your mind in meditation. While meditating, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly, while the body and mind get benefits, there is movement in meditation.

In this way, you can avoid making mistakes related to breathing while doing yogasana, exercise and meditation. It is beneficial to breathe properly while doing exercise, yoga or meditation. In problems related to blood pressure, nervous system and stress, breathing properly is also beneficial.

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